Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Farmhouse Kitchen Wishlist

Since my dream kitchen from Ikea is not currently in the budget (and our current kitchen is only 4 or 5 years old), I've been trying to introduce elements of country and farmhouse without having to change the major items like cabinets, counters, and appliances.

Last week we noticed that our water in the kitchen had little black specks in it.  Turns out the cheap shut-off valves had some rubber washers disintegrating in the water.  Ew.  After a few days of avoiding the use of the kitchen taps the valves were replaced, and to my absolute delight, we needed to replace the faucet too!  There was nothing wrong with our old faucet before this issue.  I just wanted a prettier one.  We ended up choosing one quite similar to the one in the Ikea kitchen!  The main differences are the finish (shiny chrome is much cheaper than brushed chrome), and the lack of that cute ceramic handle.  Ours has a modern shape, but I don't really mind for this kitchen.  Too bad we don't have a pretty apron-front sink to install it with.

Some other things on my kitchen wishlist are these enamel kitchen utensils by Nigella Lawson.  They're so much nicer than my black plastic ones, and they don't melt either!.  Initially I wanted the robin's-egg-blue version, but I think the cream version would look better in my turquoise kitchen.
source: nigella.com
I think I've posted about this pretty yellow kettle before.  I'll have to go to the specialty kitchen store one day to find out how much it costs.  I bet it's way out of my price range because Le Creuset is excellent quality.  But the $14 red kettle at Walmart just doesn't have the same look.  I want to replace my electric kettle with a stove-top one both for looks, and to get one more electrical appliance off the counter top.  Now if only I could somehow countrify my huge black microwave...

source: LeCreuset.ca

One day when I have some open shelving I'll begin a collection of hobnail milk glass.  In the mean time I'd like to find just one little jug to add to my collection.

source: Pinterest (couldn't find the original source)


  1. I love that first photo. We are renovating a house and I can hardly wait to get to the stage where I can pick fixtures etc!

  2. Since we just found out that we have to get a new roof NOW, there will be no kitchen renovations for us this year either. But I'm going to take the plunge and paint my cabinets this fall. Love your inspiration photo - it's exactly the type of look I'm going for.

    1. Heather, if I could take that entire kitchen out of Ikea's showroom and put it in my house, I would! Good luck with the room and painting your cabinets!

  3. First time visiting your blog and I really enjoy it! LOVE the kitchen and the collection of HOBNOB!! I've been thinking about collecting it myself...its so pretty ...I LOVE WHITE! I am following! From one sweetie to another~~~~Roxie


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