Thursday, 26 July 2012

First Custom Sewing Job

This week I made another nursing cover, along with four extra-large flannel receiving blankets.  This time it was a commission for a friend.  She picked the adorable fabrics and I sewed them up.  The blankets took longer than I expected to hem them, because I was very picky about getting straight hems and mitring the corners.  I actually used a homemade hem gauge!  I usually just eyeball it.  Although I think I'll be using my gauge from now on because it was so much easier (unlike real hem gauges which I've rebelled against ever since my mom tried to teach me how to use one when I was a kid).

But to make up for it, the nursing cover took less time because I used real plastic boning instead of the zip ties.  Much easier to sew around!

The blankets are made from 1.2 metres of flannel, which I washed in hot water (to shrink) and salt (to keep the colour from running).  Then I just straightened the non-selvedge ends and did a half-inch hem.

I also made a little pouch for the nursing cover.  Maybe it will be useful for the new mama to keep it from floating around the diaper bag, or maybe it will just make it look good for the gift-giving.  Who knows.


  1. Joanna,
    They look amazing. Thanks so much for doing this. My cousin is going to love them. We are greatly talented.

  2. Well done, Joanna. I'm thinking it's a boy with all the blues. Can you show us how you made the hem gauge?

  3. Those are super cute!!! :) You are so talented with a sewing machine.

  4. Hi Joanna,

    I am the very blessed recipient soon-to-be mom of these wonderful gifts. I absolutely love them! The nursing cover is wonderful - I love the pattern, the pretty ruffle-type bottom, the matching pouch...everything. And the blankets are beautiful. Thank you for all of the thoughtfulness that went into sewing these. I am so glad Sherisse decided to ask you to make these for me! They will definitely be put to use many, many times. Bless you!

    1. Char, thanks so much for visiting and commenting! I'm glad you like them. Sherisse picked out some adorable fabrics, and I had fun sewing with them! I wish you the best when your baby arrives!


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