Friday, 27 July 2012


This is the homemade hem gauge I made for hemming the receiving blankets.  The idea was originally seen on pinterest, although I didn't actually read the article in question.  Now I can't find the pin.  for the blankets, I folded the edge over to the 1-inch mark (first black line), pressed it, then tucked the edge under all the way to the fold to make a 1/2-inch hem.

For the hem of my dress below, which was difficult to press, I just folded over half an inch, pinned it all around, then stitched it down.  Then I used my hem gauge to press a 1-inch hem.

Which I am now stitching by hand.  I find hand-sewing nice and calming.  I feel skilled and competent and somehow connected to all the women throughout history who have done the same.


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    1. It sure beats the metal one my mom taught me with...I hated that thing.

  2. I have this neat little metal hem gauge that has different sizes on it... it's like a little square with points. Works great. Your idea looks handy too. :) I'm not a fan of hand-stitching - I'd rather use my machine!


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