Monday, 9 July 2012

Woodland Fairy Birthday Party

My girl turned five last week.  Five! 5!  I have no idea when she got so grown up.  Her best friend turned five in May, and ever since then, Juli's been talking about what kind of party she wants...changing her mind every five minutes of course.  We settled on having a fairy party.  Which was going to be great!  But then I remembered that we wanted to invite boys too.  So instead of pink and purple and glittery, the party became green, orange, red, and woodsy.  I posted about the invitations a couple of weeks ago.

We really like Disney's fairies.  They all have talents and jobs to do.  So I decided that we were going to help the fairies at the party.  In particular, we were going to help Tinker Bell's friend Faun, an animal fairy.

Job #1: Gather berries and feed the squirrels (search for berry-shaped beanbags around the yard, then do a beanbag toss)
Job #2: Decorate birdhouses to give the birds beautiful places to live.
Job #3: The bees are trapped in their hive!  Let them out so they can pollinate the flowers.  (beehive-shaped piñata!)

The girls really loved the idea of helping the fairies.  The boys liked throwing things and hitting things.  Special thanks to my in-laws for letting us have the party at their cabin on the lake, and to Kevin for helping the party to flow smoothly and entertaining the kids.

The birdhouses were from Michaels, and the decorations were all stick-on things from the dollar store and Michaels.  I divvied them up into little paper plant pots so the kids wouldn't have to worry about sharing.  They did have to share the glitter glue, but we had no problems with that.

The wrapping paper I used to protect the table from the glitter, etc, was from the Michaels dollar bins.

To help with the berry-gathering and the piñata, I made these little felt pixie dust bags.  I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

I had thought about buying or making fairy wings for the guests, but it was proving too difficult to find something not excessively girly, and I ran out of time to make them.  So I made these "Official Fairy Helper" badges instead.

The kids ate their snack at this little picnic table outside.

I saw this beehive piñata idea in a Country Living magazine a year or two ago, but couldn't find the directions when it came time to make it.  But it turned out well even without the directions.

For our snack, we had fairy food: carrot cupcakes (Juli's request), berries, and sliced mini cucumbers.  I quite enjoyed not having to provide a full meal, since the party was only from 2-4pm.  The cute little apple and orange cups were found at the grocery store, and were really the catalyst for the entire theme and decor.  I found them in the store, looked at them for a minute, then decided, "yep, we're doing a fairy birthday party."

Juliana needed candles to blow out of course, so she got a full-sized cupcake decorated to look like a fairy-sized cake.  It's a good thing she wasn't any older or the candles wouldn't have fit!

The best part of the party was watching my sweet girl have fun with her friends.

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  1. What an awesome party theme! You did an amazing job Joanna! I'm planning Kieran's first birthday party- old fashoined picnic- (circa early 1900's) so I'm obsessing over that...any ideas? You're so good at this!

    1. Heidi, what a perfect theme for a first birthday party, especially for a boy! I was thinking that I want to dress Nick in an Edwardian boy's outfit soon before he's too old. All I can think of is a newsboy cap for the birthday boy (and his brother...and his father too!) And lots of white and lots of gingham and sunshine and grass.

    2. Heidi - love this idea. All the ladies could wear big hats and the men could wear straw boaters. Don't forget the croquet sets or an old fashioned baseball glove and bat for a quick pick-up game.

    3. Thanks guys! It's going to be fun...In the invites I told guests to wear their sunhats and suspenders! I'm going to have hay bales covered with picnic blankets, kids horse shoes, lots of old timey food.. Kieran is going to wear a bow-tie/suspender outfit-and we're all going to dress up!

  2. What a sweet party! You did an amazing job! Love the pinata.

    Heidi--1900's garden party sounds gorgeous! :)

  3. Wow! That looks like an awesome birthday party! So much cute stuff. I'll have to bookmark this post - Sunshine turns five next year and also likes Tinkerbelle, so maybe I'll steal your ideas! :)

  4. She is just precious and you made a birthday party she will always remember! Very fun...for all ages!

  5. My son was a proud fairy helper who enjoyed the party immensely! Thanks for adapting the idea so it wasn't too girly and the little guys could enjoy it just as much! The snacks look so cute how you arranged them! Dekker loves his strawberry bean bags and we have already played a few games of toss. You are so creative and such a good mama!!!

  6. I don't know who had more fun - the birthday girl and her guests OR you designing and creating this dream of a party. I love all the details you put into it. Just one thing - what will you do next year to top that?

  7. So cute! Happy birthday to your little princess :)

  8. Excellent work, kid's parties are based on the theme and Joanna you have selected an awesome theme. I personally love it.


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