Monday, 20 August 2012

A Dreamy Dress

As I've mentioned, I love ModCloth.  I'm also a fan of Modcloth on Facebook.  So occasionally I'll get "thanks for liking us!" ads in my sidebar.  In one of those I saw this dress, called the Birthday Magic Dress.  Oh my word, it's such a dreamy dress!  Wouldn't it look amazing with my boots?

My only problem is that the top doesn't look like it's designed for curvy-on-top girls like me.  And of course I don't have anywhere to wear a dress like this.  But I still think it's gorgeous.


  1. Damn those curvy tops. This is beautiful and you would look amazing in it - especially with the boots!!

  2. That really is a beautiful dress :)

  3. I didn't read "boots," I read something else related to your curvy top, and I thought, "Why yes, it would look good with your, er, curvy top, and good for you for saying so!" LOL!

    1. I suppose in that case, the looking "good" would entirely depend on the context!


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