Friday, 3 August 2012

A Little Blue Dresser

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I showed you this little white solid-wood dresser that I picked up at Goodwill.  It took me a week or two to paint it and get it up to my son's room.  And only today have I gotten around to showing you the result.  I used Behr Paint + Primer because I was quite impressed with the durability of the paint on our coffee table.  The colour I chose is called Restless Sea.  Eventually I'll paint Nick's headboard and foot-board with the same paint.  Can't let the rest of the quart go to waste!

I must say though, that choosing quality paint and all new hardware really bumps up the cost of my "thrifty" dresser!  It totalled around $80 for the dresser, paint, and handles.  I was going to add a coat of wax too, but I can't find any furniture wax right now to save my life.  Still, it's a much better deal than say, $200-$300 for a similar-sized dresser at Ikea, and it's much better quality.

A couple of the drawers were stained inside, and I didn't want the hassle of painting them.  We had an old world map hanging around in the basement left over from the days when we actually had an office.  It was already a bit ripped, so I figured my husband wouldn't mind if I cut up "his" map for the bottom of the drawers.  I only had enough map for four of the five drawers, so the bottom drawer is lined with red, turquoise, green, and yellow wrapping paper from the dollar bin at Michaels.

This dresser reminds me again how much I love painted wood furniture.


  1. I really love the handles you chose. They're perfect!

  2. Great color & handles. Love it!

  3. That's an awesome colour! We updated our dresser with new handles when we got it. It raises the price, as you say, but improves the look. :)

  4. It looks amazing, Jo. Love the colour and the investment in the handles was worth it, they look awesome too. And what a cute detail, putting the map inside the drawer. Great job!!

  5. You did a great job on it and I love the map drawer liners. Great colour and bin pulls/knobs too. Also, Happy Anniversary.


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