Friday, 17 August 2012

Another Dream House

Ok, so I've posted about my dream house on the east coast.  But I doubt we'll ever leave.  I'd love to have an acreage, but I married an accountant who would rather spend time with his family than commuting so we need to stick closer to down town.  I've window shopped for houses everywhere BUT here!  So I decided to take a look at my favourite down-town-ish neighbourhood.  To my surprise, I found a gem! (of course, it's a gem way out of our price range).  Take a look:

This 1926 house even has a big yard (complete with a cruiser bike), which is hard to find in this neighbourhood!  And I love that front porch.  Just lighten up the paint colours, and it would be just about perfect!  All pictures are from the realtor's website.


  1. Gorgeous! My taste tends to be beyond our price range, too. LOL!

    You have a very sweet little home right now, too. I think it has a lot of character!

  2. Jo - is this Glenora? There are so many little gems in so many neighbourhoods in Edmonton! You'd be surprised, I bet there are a lot more "dream houses" then you'd think here in our fair city :D

    1. Julie, it's Cloverdale (the free Folk Fest tickets neighbourhood ;-)) I know there are gems here, but they're always too expensive with the yard too small, or in really iffy neighbourhoods.

  3. Love the charm of this house. Just remember, Jo, we all start out in something that is probably not our dream house and work towards our vision. Your home is so full of charm and character that YOU've given it. Can't tell you how many ugly houses I've lived in before finding "the one".


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