Thursday, 9 August 2012

Dreaming of Dresses for Fall

It was 30+ degrees Celsius here yesterday.  Or so.  I spent an hour outside weeding the jungle that used to be a garden (after 3 hours the day before and I'm still not done).  Such heat (and the mosquitos!  I've lost count how many bites I have now) has me longing for the cooler temperatures of fall.   I can't wait to be able to dress in layers again, and I've been browsing ModCloth for fashion inspiration.  Oh how I love their dresses!  I found one that I really really wanted to buy, but didn't because I wanted to run it by Kevin first.  He makes sure I don't buy anything too weird (I've regretted buying many things that I didn't check with him first about).

But before I got a chance to buy it, this lovely dress, the Burnt Sienna Sweetheart Dress was sold out!  A mere two days after they added it to the site!  I'm sure they'll restock it, and when they do, I'll be ready!

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  1. Thanks for the ModCloth shoutout! I ordered myself a nice dress from there. ;-)


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