Friday, 31 August 2012

Little House in Leduc

 Before I get to the awful and blurry picture of the cute Little House, I thought I'd start with some pretty pictures.  Faux Instagram, using the 1960's edit in Picasa.  Above: First veggie harvest of the year.  I'll probably get one more zucchini, and a bunch more tomatoes (sorry, spell-check doesn't know how to spell zucchini...neither do I).  Do you have any favourite zucchini recipes?  Below: Ingredients for milk paint.  I've got it curdling on the counter right now!

And look what arrived the other day.  My dress from Modcloth!  It was in the cutest little box.  Even the inside is printed with a cute mushroom-polka-dot pattern.  I'll wear the dress this weekend sometime, and will be sure to take pictures.

I have Juli already practicing to be my photographer!

Jeans: American Eagle (I really really need to learn how to shop for jeans!)
Ruffle top: Walmart
Vintage Cameo (that you can't really see in this picture): Antique show
Hair Flower: H&M, picked out by Juliana...technically it belongs to her.
Shoes: leather wedge sandals from Aldo.
Glasses: Nicole Miller from Clearly Contacts
Wedding rings: Spence Diamonds
Fence: built by my dear husband
Did I miss anything in the picture?
Ok.  Now about the Little House in Leduc.  Yesterday we went to visit my mom who is currently temporarily residing in the Leduc Hospital due to another fall.  On the way there, we spotted a farmers' market.  After a nice little visit with Mom, we made sure to stop there.  We parked a block or two away from the market, across the street from this adorable little house that was getting a makeover.  When we arrived a man was up in a cherry-picker painting the teal trim.  I love how modern yet classic the teal, cream and red looks on this little house.  Especially with the new stonework on the foundation.  When we got back from the farmers' market (at which Juli decided she wants to play Ringette and we didn't buy anything because I forgot I had no cash) he was gone, so I snapped this quick and blurry cell phone picture.


  1. love the teal on the house. It's a classic arts & crafts style.

    P.S. I need an Iphone too!! I want to Instagram like the rest of the world.

  2. Hi, You have such a pretty blog, Jo, I'm enjoying just seeing what it's all about. It's kind of like mine, simply about my favorite things in life.
    That is an adorable little house, I'm sure it's going to be very nice when it's finished. Your zucchini and tomatoes look wonderful, I was at my son's house last night and his wife sent me home with a bunch of zucchini and tomatoes! yum! As for recipes, I simply slice the zucchini thinly, squirt some pam on it and sprinkle cheese on it, I usually use parmesan and put it under the broiler. Watch it closely and it is really delicious!
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! Your blog is so pretty too, I love your pictures. I'll have to try the broiled zucchini. I love it roasted. Or in chocolate cake of course.

  3. that polka dot dress is so cute! and love your ruffled top!


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