Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Happy Place

Cool breeze. The sound of rain.  Hot Red Rose Tea.  Enthralling book.  That's my favourite way to spend an evening.  For the three years we've lived in this house, I've never had a spot that felt like mine.  This one isn't perfect, of course (I'd pick a comfy wing back chair instead of the recliner), but when I push the chair right up to the wide-open window, I feel that peace and at-home-ness I've been looking for.

I've even almost stopped being self-conscious when the neighbours walk by.  I shouldn't be!  It's less awkward to be caught staring out a window than to be caught staring into one!  This past week or two has had the added pleasure of the blooming Asiatic lily's perfume drifting in when the breeze is just right.  I'd love to hear what your favourite spot is.  Have you blogged about it?  If so, leave the link in the comments!  If not, tell me all about it!


  1. We all need a spot of our own even if it's not perfect. The problem with a wingback is that you wouldn't be able to lift your legs and stretch out. I can just see you sitting there wrapped up in that throw. Lovely image.

    1. Oh, I'd probably have to get a footstool of some kind for the wingback chair. My friend has a pair of RECLINING wing backs! That would be perfect. Elegance paired with comfort!

  2. Oh, every one should have a spot like that! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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