Monday, 17 September 2012

A Blue Bed for a Little Boy

Last weekend I finally dragged my son's bed out to the garage so I could paint it.  I wanted it to match the dresser.  Why waste most of a quart of paint, right?  Now I'm wondering what else needs to be blue!  I've put off taking pictures for a few days because it's such a tiny tiny bedroom almost impossible to photograph, and has a lot of faults.  And apparently because my little guy has become a photobomber.  He's lucky he's so cute.

I've never actually shown pictures of this room, not even when it was done up for the nursery.  It was pretty cute then, but not too much different than it is now.

My husband made these narrow shelves out of spare 1x4s for me back when I was decorating the nursery.  I figured little boys need places to display their treasures and hot-wheels, right?  He's not quite big enough to want to leave treasures in one place, so until then I've filled them with some of my treasures.

Such as this painting by my dad.  As far as I know it's the only painting he ever did.  At least the only one I've seen.  It's rather beat up, but I love it.  When I was a kid I thought it was a shame that it wasn't named, so I wrote on the back "The Shepherd's Dream" or something like that.

The little airplane painting below it was done by my husband's nanny.  His poppa owned that plane, so I think it's special that we have a painting of it.

This picture shows how I hung the shelves.  The ones that are above eye-level have the brackets on the top instead.

This room needs:
  • Curtains to replace the long heavy brown ones that the kids pulled down along with the curtain rod.
  • A proper bed skirt instead of the red-striped fabric I tucked between the mattress and box spring to see how it looked.
  • Fresh paint (probably not going to happen for a very long time...this room is on the very bottom of the list)

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  1. So cute, Jo. I remember painting my son's bedroom blue with beige trim - tried to be "beachy". by the way, I like the red striping for the bed skirt.

  2. It's a very cute room! I love the blue bed and matching dresser. :) And maybe it's a good idea to wait a few years to paint his room - then he can have a bit more of a say in how he wants it to look. :)

  3. Hi lovely,

    It's looking SOOOO nice! I love the bed especially! The quilt is just gorgeous!!

    I waited till my girl's were a bit bigger to decorate their room probably - I thought they'd just trash it otherwise!!! And I think I was right to wait because they keep it beautifully now - well, generally!!



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