Monday, 3 September 2012

Homemade Milk Paint

I came across Martha Stewart's recipe for homemade milk paint and I was intrigued.  Milk and lemon juice?  I can do that!  After I read the comments I discovered that a little Borax helps smooth the paint.  The curdling milk grossed out my family, but I love the resulting paint.  I used regular craft paint in place of pigment.

I love the soft sheen this paint has, almost like a waxed finish.  Although this particular project isn't velvety-smooth like waxed wood.  I started painting Saturday morning, finished the last brush-stroke at 3:00pm that day, and wrapped up the gift 10 minutes later and headed out the door.  So there wasn't a lot of time for sanding.

This little box is a gift for my youngest nephew's first birthday.

In The Old Road


  1. Did it smell like rotten milk? The result looks awesome. I'm wondering if you could wax it anyways to get a smoother finish.

    1. Actually, it just smelled like lemons! Or maybe lemon yogurt. I painted two little boxes (since Nick is the only child in either side of our family who doesn't have a box yet!) So I'll take more time with his, using stain and wax as well as the milk paint. I quite like doing the treasure boxes for the boys. The girls get more of a jewelry-box style, which are fun too.


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