Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Modcloth's Burnt Sienna Sweetheart Dress

I just love my new dress from Modcloth!  It fits exactly like I thought it would.  Although I think anyone over a certain age should just make a mental note to never ever ask a woman if she's pregnant!  Honestly.  If another older person asks me or assumes I'm pregnant, I just may lose my ability to laugh it off.  People under a certain age seem to already know not to ask.  In spite of that comment, I've quite enjoyed wearing this dress.  But it is quite a bit shorter than I'm used to!  But since it's fall anyway I'll be wearing it with leggings, thick tights, or jeans for a while.  But it was a bit scary climbing down from on top of a fire truck at the church's fun fair, hoping a gust of wind wouldn't come from the wrong angle.

The orange-brown colour of this dress brings out the blue in my eyes, at least in the pictures.  Speaking of pictures, I think my husband is fired as my personal paparazzi.

pleated poppy


  1. Pregnant in that dress? No way. It's just that us old people only wore high waist when we were showing.

    Can't believe you can wear leggings already - I'm still running around in shorts and a t-shirt it's so hot.

  2. Heather, that explains it! I get asked, too, when I wear something high waisted.

    The color is gorgeous with your hair, too. Brings out the red. :)

  3. HA HA HA!! That's hilarious! You look stunning!! I noticed your eyes right away, and your hair is lovely!


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