Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ontario Stone Houses

The first time I went to Ontario from Alberta as a 20-year-old newlywed, I fell in love with the old houses that dotted the countryside.  The drive from one small town to the other to visit family gave me much eye candy, from huge wood-frame Queen Annes, to brick farmhouses (some even sporting patterns in red and tan house was chevronned and another was plaid.)  But the ones I loved the best were the little one and a half storey stone houses.  They always had a pretty door centred at the front, with one window on either side, and a smaller window above the front door in a gable.  Sometimes the upstairs window is round, arched, or oval instead of the usual rectangle.

I don't know what it is about these houses that I love.  I've never been inside one.  I suppose I love the combination of history, symmetry, and permanence they represent.  While a wooden house, if not lived in and loved, will rot and decay, the bones of a stone house will last for centuries, barring an earthquake or a  catapult.

These pictures are from the realtor website,  Click on either picture to go to the listing.  Every so often I love to browse the site and see what's new.


  1. "barring an earthquake or a catapult." LOL! You crack me up! I love stone homes, too... and like you, I think it's the permanence. It's so THERE.

  2. These little homes are one of my favorites too. I've heard them called "Ontario Cottages" and they were usually farmhouses made out of local stone. You can see them everywhere here - always thought they were charming too. Thanks for reminding me of these little gems. I'll be looking for them on my next drive.


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