Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day 10: Accept Offers From Others (No Guilt Allowed!)

This topic wasn't on my list of ideas for the month.  But it should have been.  We already talked about asking for help.  But this time I want to discuss accepting help when it is offered.  This is also something I've struggled with over the years.  For a long time, my default response whenever anyone would offer to help or to give me something was, "No, thanks. I'm ok, I'll manage"  I wouldn't let people bless me, no matter how much they wanted to.

Now I try to say yes more often.  As in, Yes, you can babysit my kids!  And I'll watch yours in return!  Or yes, I would love to borrow your circle punch!  Or in the case of this weekend, yes, we'd love to take that big armoire off your hands.

At first I would feel guilty accepting anything from my friends and family, as if I was taking advantage of them.  Or I would feel weak, as if I was so incapable that they noticed and that's why they're helping.  But I had to realise that people just want to help because they're nice!  Just like I love to help others.  I actually have to sometimes restrain myself from offering to give or help too much.  If I can be like that, why can't I believe it of others?

Now about that armoire: Kevin's aunt, who hosted a delicious Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, showed us this extra piece of furniture she had taking ups space in her garage.  It matched her bedroom set, but she didn't really need it.  So she wanted to give it to us.  I loved it right away, but Kevin was reluctant to accept it because it is big and heavy, but ultimately he let me have my way.  I'm not sure if he was just tired of protesting, or if my arguments about the value of quality furniture and the versatility of an armoire convinced him.  Lucky for us, the armoire is actually two pieces and could fit in our van.

Solid wood, dovetailed drawers, and beautiful handles that are kind of in the style of dias de los muertos.  And it is the perfect width for the only available space in our bedroom, balancing the king-size bed nicely.  I'd actually been thinking that I wanted to find an armoire since my free dresser (now for sale) wasn't working for us.  Thank you so much, Aunt Ann!

(I'm going to have to start calling it a wardrobe...I can't spell armoire correctly!)

When was the last time you let someone do something for you or give something to you?  Do you accept generosity from others?  Do you feel guilty doing it?

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  1. Nice "wardrobe"! Now you'll have room for more clothes ;)
    I tend to be generous to a fault. I will give away everything and anything, even stuff we need. On the flip side, I have no problem taking things that people want to give me (even if I don't need it!).


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