Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Day 16: The Smile Challenge

I worked as a receptionist for a few years.  Several of our (male) clients would come into the office for meetings or whatever, and order me to smile.  I hated it!  But I flashed a superficial smile, never protesting but always resenting their presumption.  Nineteen-year-olds can be so easily offended!  Now, ten years later, I'm starting to see that those people had a point!  Most of the time I have a rather neutral expression on my face.  The problem is, my neutral expression looks kind of sad! Or even downright grouchy, especially when I'm busy.

When I smile, I look better, feel better, and people respond to me better.  (I've also noticed I get more second-glances from the opposite gender when I'm laughing and smiling...even with my handsome husband beside me...not that I care, but it does help me feel young).

So this challenge doesn't have a specific photographed event, and I can't just check it off my list.  But I want my kids to remember me with a smile on my face.  I want my husband to come home to a smiling wife.  I want to be happy and open and welcoming in my expression, not tired and grouchy and closed.  So I will order myself to smile more often.

Do you smile?  How does it affect you when someone smiles at you?  Have a smiley day!


  1. I tend to the grumpy/busy look too, so this was a good reminder! Your post also reminds me of a verse I need to remember more often: 'This is the day the Lord hath made. I WILL rejoice and be glad in it.'


    1. Can you believe you've been commenting all this time and I JUST figured out who you are? I'm so glad you're reading, Sarah!

      I like that verse, especially how it says "I will", rather than "I feel like".

  2. I often have to make phone calls to vendors (people I will work with on a regular basis!) and one thing I was taught in college that I use everyday is learning to smile while on the phone, and portraying it in my voice. Smiling is definitely a helpful tool!

  3. My husband is always telling me to smile. :) It does help you to feel better.


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