Thursday, 25 October 2012

Day 25: Deeper

I've been writing, these past few days.  In an actual novel.  I'm only about 4000 words in, but this one, unlike any of the others I've worked on, is completely plotted, start to finish.  I'm determined to finish this one or the medieval one before starting any other ideas.

The one I'm working on is a contemporary romantic suspense.  But as much as there is the romance between the hero and heroine, there is also a romance between the heroine and God.  But I'm struggling with that.  I don't know if I can write it how I want to.  I want to write the kind of relationship I want to have with God, one of love and openness and sincerity.

But I feel if I write it that way, it would come across as clichéd.   Because that is not my experience with God, although I know it is possible.  I was raised in the church so I know all the right verses and the right things to say, but I want to feel it!  I want to feel that my prayers are reaching their mark rather than only knowing it in my head.  I want to have my first thought be, "how can I be more like Jesus in this situation," rather than complaining or whatever.

I want to seek God, to walk with him.  But I don't know how.  And so I don't know how to write it.  For my whole life I've felt like I've been paddling around in tide-pools when I really want to be swimming in the ocean.

How can I write about a deep and growing relationships with God (such as is beautifully portrayed in Tricia Goyer's Big Sky novels)?

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  1. Just open your heart to it, Joanna and He will come. Write it as you want the relationship to be and I think it will develop. Putting into words your thoughts will help you with this journey.


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