Friday, 26 October 2012

Day 26: The Happiness Bucket

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My daughter is in kindergarten and learning new things every day (but much to her dismay, no one will teach her how to read).  Last night she gave me a big long hug, and lots of little kisses on my cheek.  I hugged and kissed her back, of course, and she said, "We're getting more drops in our buckets!"

Her teacher taught her that everyone has a happiness bucket, and when we do nice things for people, we're filling up our own bucket as well as theirs.  Everyone needs more drops in their bucket, and it is each person's responsibility to make sure to keep his or her own bucket full.  So before I left for book club last night, I made sure my bucket was full and overflowing with kisses and hugs.  Of course book club itself added lots of extra drops too.

What's the state of your happiness bucket?


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