Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Masculine Grey

Our en-suite bathroom is no longer yellow!   I'm quite thrilled about that.  And the light fixture is no longer rusty.  My husband and his brother installed the new one a few weeks ago.  The grey paint colour is a mistint I bought at Lowes.  It is Valspar brand exterior paint with primer, so I inhaled way too many paint fumes that weekend.  I thought it would have a lot more brown in it, based on the bit painted on the outside of the can, but I really like this grey.  It's a good thing I'm not picky!  I added some simple modern trim at the level of the trim around the shower (which is why it's interrupted by the light.  To get around that, I just cut the two pieces at a 45-degree angle).

The grey colour paired with the white makes me think of a schoolhouse or a boat.  And with the yellow gone, it feels very masculine in there, despite the curvier light fixture.  For a while I was at a loss about decorating.  Because there is very little wall space, and only one tiny shelf space on top of my cabinet.  Eventually, I just popped my two little bird tea light holders on top of the cabinet, and it ended up being exactly the right amount of femininity for me to feel at home.  I may eventually add artwork to the walls if I come across something suitable.

What do you think?  Is the grey and white too masculine for a shared bathroom?

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