Thursday, 8 November 2012

Beautiful Books, Old and New

Hello friends!  I didn't mean to take a week off like that!  The week has been spent with a little painting, a little Christmas-gift-making, and fun times with family.  Oh, and a blizzard.  That was yesterday.

On Sunday we had lunch at my grandparents' house, and my sweet Papa decided to give me his set of works by Sir Walter Scott.  There is no date in any of them, but they are very old.  The covers are interesting.  They look like hardcover, but they don't have boards in them and they're somewhat flexible.

Papa believes that it is very important to read the classics, to form a good foundation in life and culture.  Besides these books, he has given me paperback copies of classic children's books to read to my kids.  I agree with him, and I look forward to sharing all these books with them.

And speaking of classics, I found something wonderful at Costco!  Anthropologie had these beautiful Puffin Classics for sale a couple of years ago, for $18 per book.  I loved them then, and I always meant to go buy one or two but never did.  Then last week I spotted the complete set at Costco for $34.  I couldn't leave them behind!  So I told Kevin it was my Christms gift.  He doesn't mind.

It has become so rare to find modern beautifully-bound hardcover books!  Usually the dust jacket (I hate dust jackets) is beautiful, but the book underneath is so plain, even downright ugly, and you can tell just by looking at it that it was cheaply made.

These gorgeous books remind me of the oldest book in my collection, in the detail and beauty.  I hope beautiful books like these will become more plentiful.  But if they do, I'm going to have to get a job to support my book buying!


  1. Oh! What a beautiful set of books those Costco ones are! Those'll be ones your kids will remember and look for when they're older. ;) Makes me wish I had kids (and space!) so I'd have an excuse to go buy them. :-)

  2. Love that collection of books. Wish I had a young daughter to share it with.

    I have been remiss because I have a book for you that I never sent you - found it at a yard sale and thought of your love for old books. And I know I've asked for your address and I've lost it AGAIN. Email me it again and I promise your book will be on it's way next week.

    I heard you had a storm - hopefully you'll get some warm weather and the snow won't stay. Ah the joys of living in Canada!


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