Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I thoroughly enjoyed the Canadian Finals Rodeo this past Saturday.  Except for the whiny kids I had to sit with.  I think next time I'll go with a friend and leave the kids at home.  I'm not even sure if my husband enjoyed it.  He wouldn't say.  But I loved it.  There were so many beautiful horses to look at!  Palomino, buckskin, and this elegant-looking dappled grey.  This one looked like he should be wearing English dressage instead of western.

I love watching the barrel racing.  Those women are so fast!  When I was 12, my riding instructor tried to get me to try barrel racing, but I was too afraid to go fast enough, or close enough to the barrels  and I kept forgetting the pattern.  I was not one to accept a challenge at that age.  There are so many things that people encouraged me to do that I wouldn't even try.

My serious husband and grouchy daughter:

My son was much more interested, but we were on the opposite end of the arena from most of the exciting stuff, like the bull riding.  If we had been closer, it would have held his interest better.  We were front and center for the team roping in row 4 though!  Two teams tied the arena record of 3.7 seconds!  Now that is fast.

Thanks so much to Canadian Cowboy Country for the great tickets!


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