Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sexy Shoes

My husband's work Christmas party is this weekend.  It's a huge affair, suitable for a huge company.  I'm pretty sure of what I'll wear (either my LBD or a brown lace dress that I've had for years and is very forgiving).  But I have no shoes to wear.  Of course I have my faithful black lace sandals that I've worn to every fancy event in the past ten years, but  I guess I'm getting old and I don't feel like having snowy toes this year.  And then there's my cute granny shoes.  But they're a little too granny.  Taking up knitting is about as granny as I want to go at the moment.

So my kids and I stopped in a shoe store while we were at the mall for other things.  I found the perfect shoes!  I just love them.  Patent leather(?) in a nude/blush colour, with an adorable strap.  Of course they didn't have my size.  I tried on both 7.5 and 8.5, but neither fit.  

Then I found a super sexy red patent pair. Yes, I would still wear these to church.  Of course they didn't have my size, again.  I could tell that if they had been a half-size bigger, they would have been very comfortable.

Then I finally found my size!  Yay!  Unfortunately, although they were totally cute, and I loved them, I was looking for something a little less traditional than black patent mary-janes.  And I don't like wearing black with brown (I'm really leaning toward wearing the stretchy-forgiving dress)

If I can't find anything tomorrow (heading to Winners!  Possibly with four kids in tow, depending on what time of day I manage to make it there), I'll go back and get the black shoes.

Oh...and what am I going to do with my hair?


  1. I LOVE the red ones Jo! poo on them for not having your size! I bought the cutest pair of RED strappy heels at walmart a couple weeks ago, but I haven't had a chance to wear them. Do you think they would go with a purple dress? Maroon dress? (this is steph by the way) Dec. 14th is Travis' Christmas for work, and I got 2 new dresses....bah this is turning into a blog post, maybe I should start blogging again! I'll call you sometime and tell you all about them! :P

  2. you could try another location for your size. get the store you were at to phone around to other locations for you, so you don't have to run around. do something simple with your hair. down with loose hair to go with your sexy shoes.

  3. Love the red ones too - very sexy. They even worked with the skinny jeans. I'm like you and have worn the same strappy thingies for the last few years. In fact I wore them on the weekend and was teased about having non-sensible shoes on a cold wintery night.

  4. So fun to get ready for a formal affair! :) I'm envious!


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