Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cozy-cozy Hoodies: Monogrammed, Stencilled, and Embroidered

I have a lot of nieces. Six, to be exact.  At least it seems like a lot when it comes to gift buying, especially since all but one are 8 years old and under.  This year for Christmas, I saw thick faux-fur-lined hoodies at Costco, and immediately envisioned them monogrammed.  I wasn't planning to do any handmade gifts this year, but I couldn't resist these.  So I bought five of them, hoping I guessed correctly on the sizes.  They didn't have toddler sizes for the 1-year-old, and I was pretty sure these would be too girly for the 14-year-old's tastes.  So the 5th one is for my daughter.  My son calls them "cozy-cozy things!"  It's too bad Costco didn't have any for boys, or my kids' shopping would be done!

I chose a font (The same for all of them except the J.  I had to chose a different one for that, since Juli would probably not recognise a cursive J.  I can't remember the fonts, sorry.), and printed it at I think 300pt size.  Or maybe 200pt.  Can you tell it was a while ago that i did this part?  I stenciled out of freezer paper, and had my husband help me chose which paint colours to go with each, from the fabric paints I had on hand.  Due to the lining, the freezer paper didn't seal well to the fabric when I ironed it on, so some of the letters bled a lot. Especially the gold C.  Which is why I'm only now finishing them.  It took me that long to figure out how to fix the problem!

I decided to outline each letter with contrasting embroidery floss (3-strands) to disguise the bleeding.  It worked beautifully!  The C is the only letter with the bleeding still a bit visible, but even that one looks good with the pink back-stitched outline.  My favourite colour combination is the dark purple/light purple/bright green that I used on the M.  The other purple/purple one is currently getting a yellow outline.  The last one, with a beautiful Laverne and Shirley style L is pink with purple paint.  I'm not sure yet what colour I'll outline it with.  Any ideas?

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