Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Yarn Along, among other things

This week I'm knitting a Christmas gift.  I didn't intend to make much for Christmas this year (I haven't even done much baking!), but when I was thinking about what this person would like, a Clara Cowl was the first thing I thought of.  I love the colour of this yarn, and it should look nice, since it won't be as bulky as the one I made for myself.  And I'm armed with lots of tips and tutorials on how to do the Kitchener graft properly, so maybe it will end up seamless this time.

I've been playing with other yarn this week too.  We finally put up a Christmas tree (a 7.5 foot tall prelit tree that we got for an amazing deal: $30!  Hooray for floor models!)  I had been making my knitted garland for the tree, but I was pretty sure it wouldn't be long enough to look good.  So I had a few other ideas of what to do, both with the knitted one, and for the tree garland.  I bought a skein of "bunny tail" yarn.  I don't know who on earth would want to knit or crochet with this stuff, but it makes a lovely tree garland, reminiscent of snowballs or old-fashioned popcorn garlands.

Yes, I know our tree is a bit lacking in the ornament department...we'll take care of that this week sometime.  But at night, with the lights on and the garland, it already looks perfect.

As for the knitted garland, after I finished knitting the whole skein and deciding I didn't want to put it on the tree, I quickly crocheted it by hand, and today strung it up by the fireplace.

I also strung a garland of clay ornaments.  A few weeks ago I mixed up a cornstarch clay recipe that was supposed to stay white.  I wanted to make both ornaments with my snowflake stamp, as well as gift tags with my little alphabet stamp set.  I recommend letting this particular clay recipe air dry instead of baking it.  The baked ones got bumpy and too browned, and about a dozen of them broke as they cooled.  The ones that were only in the oven for a little while stayed the whitest, and none of them broke.

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  1. Wow I never thought to make garland out of wool. Found you thanks to Pretty Little Inspirations Linky Party. I grabbed the Canadian Blogger Badge and displaying it on my blog. Great idea!


    1. Thanks so much for visiting and I'm so glad you like the badge!


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