Thursday, 24 January 2013

Calling all fans of To a Pretty Life!

I'm beginning to crave tulips.

Time for some reader feedback!

So, I haven't really stuck to last year's stated goal of treating this blog like a magazine.  But I believe I have improved the look and feel of most posts, and I know more people are visiting.  I'd call the year a success after all.

Now I'd love to know what you think:

  • What do you want to see here?
  • What kind of posts are your favourite?
  • Which posts do you skip?
  • Why do you read To a Pretty Life?
  • Do you want to see more posts about writing editing?
  • Do you want more book reviews?
  • Do you like my honesty about my failures and efforts, or do you just come for the pretty pictures (if that's the case, I'd really better work on my photography!)
  • Do you like the ads in my sidebar, or do they bother you?
  • What about the blog's format?  Is it easy to read, easy to find what you're looking for?  Is it too wide for your screen?
  • What else would you like to let me know?

(You may comment anonymously if you like...just be nice while criticizing  If you would rather answer privately, feel free to email me)

I started this blog in order to show off my creative projects.  But it has evolved (is still evolving) into much more than that.

Here's to an even better year in 2013!


  1. I'm a fan, no matter what you post about. I love your "what I wore" posts - your style is so cute. I feel like reading your blog is like chatting on the phone with a good friend. Keep it up, my friend.

  2. I agree with the "chatting on the phone" comment; so true, and I really like that. I've always enjoyed your posts about creative projects very much, but I am also interested in book reviews and anything you have to share about writing! :)

  3. I like the eclectic mix that you have! But I do really love to see your creative projects and home ideas! I love it all.

  4. Joanna, this blog is you! And I love it. You bring pretty-ness into every aspect of your life. The variety is really nice. I never skip any of your posts. I do not always have time to comment, but I read them all! The most impressive thing you've ever done is probably your mud room. My favourite post was the family one you did at Christmas time. It was so beautiful. Honestly, I don't even see or notice the ads.

  5. I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award!


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