Monday, 28 January 2013

Pretty, but Little

I've posted before about my hatred for our awful Walmart rug.  It took about 5 minutes after cleaning it for it too look either stained or in need of a vacuum.  It was nice and big, but also nice and cheap.  The edging was coming off of one part, and I just didn't like it.

So on my recent Christmas-gift-card-fueled shopping spree at Home Sense, I found a 4/6 woven plaid-ish rug that I thought might work.  And for only $20, it was worth giving it a try.  When I first rolled up the big one and put the new rug in its place, I was sure it was too small.  But no one knows for sure what the decor rules for rugs are (furniture on? or furniture off?).  And decor rules are meant to be broken anyway.

Even if it is too small, it still looks miles better than a stained rug.  I'm sure this one will get its share of stains, but at least it's reversible, and possibly mashine-washable.

I thought I'd try a lighter-feeling coffee table too, while I was at it, so I brought out my old piano bench. Back in the fall I removed the cushion, sanded all the glue off, and refinished the teak-wood top.  I left the legs painted grey-green, but distressed them a little and used a light brown glaze made of water and stain.  Please vote: Which should I use, the trunk or the bench?  for now, I've put the bench at the side of the loveseat for an end table, and returned the trunk to its usual spot.

My husband got a cuckoo clock for Christmas.  It's beautiful, and with it and our other nice wooden wall clock hanging on opposite walls, our house is starting to look a little like my grandparents' lovely clock-filled home.

Here are a few of the other items I picked up at Home Sense.

Steak knives with gorgeous handles
and adorable bees
pretty note cards
A book that should prove interesting for an
aspiring writer of fairy tales and fantasy


  1. I really love the trunk, but with that rug, I'd say use the bench. ;)

  2. I'm for the bench, too. Let us know how the Magical Creature book turns out!

  3. I love that trunk, but think it's a bit heavy over the new rug. I'm for the bench. You could always paint the trunk a lighter colour. Nope, it's still to chunky for the new rug.

  4. I like the bench too but I guess there is a practical side to the trunk. Maybe some nice baskets under the bench for storage?


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