Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Great Book Purge of 2013

Yesterday after supper, my husband was in the mood to purge.  As I washed the dishes, he went through his books and finally decided to get rid of a few I've been certain for years that he was never going to look at again.  He's not a re-reader like me.  Once he was done I went through my books and together we are getting rid of thirty-three books, ranging from such classics as the 96-97 Chicago Blackhawks Media Guide to new books like Water for Elephants.

Then he decided we needed to go through our storage shelves in the basement.  I tossed most of our cards from our wedding (sorry friends and family!), and consolidated my childhood keepsakes into one box instead of two.  I still need to purge most of my crafty stuff, and  go through my old writing and writing books (most of which will probably join the 33 other books).

It's amazing how a new year can give the needed nudge of motivation to clear out accumulated junk.

Are you purging this month too?  What is the hardest thing to get rid of?  For me it's my old writing ideas.  I have several notebooks, a binder, and a hugely overstuffed folder to go through.  Most of it is trash, of course.

I used to doodle a notebooks are full of teenage angst, doodles, and half-formed story ideas.
Edited to add: By the way, if my step-mother-in-law is reading this...that copy of The Wealthy Barber Returns is not the one you just gave us...I got it from the bank when I opened an account and totally forgot I had it.

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