Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday's Favourites

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So remember last year when I did a weekly post about my favourite links?  Well, here's an attempt to resurrect that for at least this week.

More Than "I Love You" - Write love letters to your kids (Handsfree Mama)

8 Most Effective Motivations to Clean Your House (Mama Dweeb)

Bringing it Back: Tips for Organizing the Imperfect Home (Perfectly Imperfect)

Vintage Interior - Hannes Dagbok - A Norwegian blog filled with the most beautiful photos of white farmhouse style in Hanne's home.  Which is apparently inhabited by young boys and a black cat, to no apparent  harm to the gorgeous white decor.

Is your House making you cranky? (Modern Mrs. Darcy)


  1. Thank you for featuring my cleaning motivations post! Makes me smile to know that others relate to it LOL


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