Saturday, 23 February 2013

I Skipped Makeup 101

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I never really was a teenager.  Or maybe I was more of a teenager than most.  Awkward, not fitting in anywhere, spending way more time with adults than anyone my own age, even when I went to high school.  Some of the students at my high school even thought I was a teacher (Because I walked quickly instead of shuffling through the halls?  Or perhaps because of the office-ish attire I wore because of my after-school work experience job).

Anyway, my point (if I have one) is that I never was able to figure out all the beauty/fashion/make-up tips that most girls help each other figure out when they're 14, 15, 16, etc.    My best friend lived an hour or so away, and our complexions are so drastically different (her: gorgeously olive, me: pale and rosy-pink) that we couldn't really share make-up like best friends do.  And my older sister was goth.  Me, I wore clear mascara 'til I was about 15, then I did my make-up like an old lady for quite a long time.  Which did not look good with my rather large deep-set eyes.  And deep dusty-rose lipstick...ugh.  It looked awful on me.

And yet my husband fell in love with me and chose to marry me.  What a good man he is.

It wasn't 'til I started blogging that I began to figure out the mysteries of make-up.  For the most part, I play it safe.  And thank heaven for you-tube.  Between fashion/beauty/real-life blogs and the occasional you-tube video, I'm finally beginning to go through make-up puberty.

I do my eye make-up like this with very few variations every single time.  I never use colour for my eyes.  I don't know how, really, so I play it safe with neutrals.  I like it.  I can make it a bit more dramatic if necessary, or tone it down.  Although I have been keeping my eyes open for a nice neutral pink that isn't either too shimmery or too dusty-rose.

As for lips...well, until recently, I've just ignored my lips, using Burts Bees pomegranate lip balm when necessary, but not attempting to add any colour or shine.  Then when I bought my sexy red shoes, I couldn't resist matching red lipstick.  Maybe that reveals just how immature I people even do that?  Or is matching lips and shoes too old-lady?  I don't know what I'm doing!  But I love that lipstick (L'Oreal Red Passion).  I was quite impressed that it didn't require any touching up even through a meal.  So I went looking for a subtler shade in the same brand and found a colour that a couple of friends have recommended (Dune).  I now use it regularly, or a tinted lip balm in a similar shade.

I can't even talk about foundations/powders.  Any time I've tried it, I've made a mess of it.  Either it looks flaky or wrinkled, or even if it goes on well, I don't look like myself.  My rosy-pink cheeks just can't be covered up, it seems.

Do you wear make up?  If so, when did you start to figure it out?  As a teen like normal people, or later like me?  Oh, and what mascara do you use?  I've mostly stuck with various cheap Cover Girl varieties, with a few forays into Mabeline, but I'm looking for something better.  I hate the one I'm currently's totally clumpy.

Makeup Monday


  1. I'm truly terrible with makeup. Whenever I wear it, I look like an idiot. Or ten years older, and I'm pretty sure that isn't the goal. Like you, I have very fair skin and my cheeks get rosy. I have been known to wear a little eyeliner and some lip gloss. That's as fancy as I can go without looking clownish. ;)

  2. I had a similar growing-up experience to you (surprise, surprise), and I haven't figured it out yet either! I try some every now and again, but I'm not at all sure that it actually 'works'!

    ~ Sarah

  3. I wear makeup, but not religiously. If I'm not going out, I don't put any on, and when I do, it's pretty much just eyeliner and mascara. I started wearing when I was probably grade 8, and I only wore eyeliner (because I could afford that). I'm not sure when I added mascara, probably after highschool and eyeshadow in my mid-twenties. I think I bought foundation for our wedding, and only wear it for special outings and sometimes on Sundays (if I have time). My mom never wore makeup, so it wasn't something I was taught to wear. My best experience was when my hubby gave me a makeover at MAC a couple years ago. The artist was very helpful and patient ;) I generally buy whatever's on sale when it comes to mascara, but right now I'm using the same as you, but I really like it!

    1. A MAC makeover would be so much fun! Not that I can afford MAC at the moment though ;-)

  4. I wear make-up pretty much every day, so I've got a routine that I'm happy with pretty down pat now. All I wear on a daily basis is foundation, bronzer, blush, eye-liner, and mascara. Anything else and I'm totally lost. But, I kind of think that other people wearing a lot of colour on their lids looks a little silly, so I'm certainly not going to do it myself - though occasionally, I still give it a try.

    The trick with foundation is to get the right colour and to blendblendblend. I prefer cream foundations in a compact purely for ease of application. I find I don't need very much, which means the flakiness is kept to an absolute minimum and your true face colour shines through so you still look like yourself. And, foundation provides a good base for blush, so it lasts all day.

    That said, if you have good skin, skip the foundation and try just a primer instead. It's clear and ensures you have a good base for everything else you're putting on without covering up your skin. I will sometimes use just a little bit of that when I'm having a good skin day!

    What kind of brushes do you have? Mine are very old and need replacing, but I'm hesitant about the prices of brushes!

    1. What brand of foundation do you use, Jeanette? I had a nice creme foundation in a compact when I got married, but it broke, then I could never find it again. I've just started using BB Cream, which is like a light foundation + primer + concealer. It seems to have the right amount of translucency so I still look like myself.

      I just buy the Quo brand of brushes at Shopper's Drug Mart. I imagine they're not the greatest, but they don't shed badly enough that I've had to look for anything better. I only buy one at a time, for what I I only have two brushes.


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