Monday, 25 February 2013

Ode to Turquoise

teal, jug, book, vintage, transferware
Teal and White Thrift Store Finds
It's a lovely shade.  Halfway between calm blue and fresh green, it has numerous names.  Slightly to the green side, there's seafoam, mint, pistachio, and teal.  On the blue side, there's robin's egg, Tiffany, cerulean, aqua, and my favourite, turquoise.  Actually, I use the term turquoise for all but the lightest or greenest blue-greens.  And I love the colour.

turquoise, seafoam, mint, pistachio, teal, robin's egg, tiffany, cerulean, aqua

When I was a kid, my mom's favourite colour was teal.  Almost our entire house had some shade of teal or aqua sponge-painted on the walls in high-gloss (for durability and washability in a house with four kids).  The only exceptions were the bathroom (navy and forest green), and my younger siblings' bedroom (blue and peach).  Mom did a great job of giving each of us kids our own space in the limited footprint of a 3-bedroom duplex.  First she built chipboard-and-2x4 walls to separate our spaces, and bookshelves and narrow captain's beds to contain our stuff (She was the Ana White of 1990).  Then she brought home the lamps.  From Sears, I believe.  Actually, they were half-lamps, to be hung on the wall to conserve space.  They were perfect for our half-bedrooms, and each of us had our own colour.  I wanted the blue one, but my only brother got that one by default.  My older sister chose pink, I chose turquoise, and my unfortunate third-born younger sister was left with peach.

That was my first experience with this colour.  At that time, I was in love with the colour blue, but I didn't dislike my new lamp.  That was a good thing, since my nanny made me a beautiful handmade Dresden Plate quilt featuring the same colour.  Fast forward 15-20 years, and I found myself uncontrollably drawn to anything in the colour turquoise.  I claimed my favourite colour was blue or red or whatever.  But I would always come back to turquoise.  I couldn't resist it.  It wasn't 'til long after I'd painted my first turquoise kitchen that I started to think that maybe my real favourite colour was the one that filled half my wardrobe.
Now, I may be three years out of date, but I'm embracing my love for blue-green shades.  I switched my home's colour scheme from red/gold to turquoise/olive, and haven't looked back.  My kitchen is painted a lovely dirty-aqua called Glacier Stream, and my back entry has a saturated Smoked Turquoise on the ceiling and upper-third of the wall. Hmm...maybe my bedroom needs to be turquoise?  I've been unable to commit to a colour.

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Turquoise Clothespins

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Two Pirates and a Seagull

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Mudroom Lockers: Ready for Accessorizing!

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Grandma's Curtains

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Beautiful Books, Old and New

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A Spring Tea Party

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Big Girl Room: Memo Board

mudroom lockers
Mudroom Lockers: Ready for Accessorizing!

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The Story of a Little White Cabinet

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Happily Distressed

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Martha's Homemade Milk Paint Recipe Review



  1. Well I'm definitely with you as I'm a turquoise fan as well. I think that plate you thrifted (in the top photo) is one of the prettiest transferware I have seen. I would be thrilled to find one at a thrift store.

  2. Oh how I love all of the turquoise! If I could add that color to every room, I would!


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