Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wild in the Rain

Zebra striped rain boots black and white and pink

Happy Valentine's Day to me!  I sent my husband a little photo hint of some polka-dot rain boots that I liked.  He couldn't find my size in the polka-dot ones, even after going to three separate stores (he must love me!), so he picked out these zebra print ones.  I love them!  They're fun and oh-so-comfortable.  And with a thick pair of socks, I bet they're warmer than my newly-leaky 4-year-old winter boots.

PS: I love the Jane Austen font I've been using for watermarking!

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  1. Those are cute!!! One thing I noticed when we moved out here was the boots - way more selection here than in Alberta! And rubber boots come in so many colours and patterns. :)


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