Monday, 25 March 2013

Let's Talk About You

So, for the past almost-five years, I've been writing about house, my projects, my family, my failures and insecurities, my triumphs.  I'd like to start focusing a little more outward.  I want to talk about you.  Do you have a small business?  A dream? A blog? I want to tell my readers about you.  Just send me an email with one photo and about 100 words describing what you're all about.

To start us off, I'd like to highlight my sponsors, whose pretty ads hang out in the sidebar:

Papercastle Art & Photography is a collaboration between two lovely sisters, Julie and Marcie.  Julie is an Edmonton photographer who excels at capturing emotion, and I'm honoured to count her among my friends.  Marcie is a fine artist who creates vibrant and unforgettable images.  Marcie is currently travelling in India with her family (including two very young kids! Brave woman!)


little red hearts, violin, mama, teacher, music

Erika of Little Red Hearts is one of the sweetest, nicest people I know.  She is a violin teacher, a photographer, and a blogger.  Little Red Hearts is a blog full of sweet glimpses of her life at home with her husband and adorable daughter, her passion for music, and her clever creative projects (along with much more).


freelance editor, resume, writer, copyeditor

And then there's me.  It's my blog; I can advertise my own services, right?  I'm a freelance editor (Not an auditor, Grandma E! Although I don't blame her for mishearing, most of her kids are accountants), and sometimes a writer (with a grand total  of one published article to my credit).  I want to seek out more work as my kids get older, so I can eventually make a more than negligible contribution to the household income.


I look forward to learning more about my readers!  If you're interested in more than a quick one-time blurb, check out my sponsors page.

Disclaimer: Businesses featured in this one-time blurb post must be small entrepreneur-type businesses, and have a blog written in a friendly personal style rather than just a business website.  Larger businesses or marketers are welcome to explore my advertising options.

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