Tuesday, 2 April 2013

2 Red Hens Studio: Review and Giveaway

Today I get to review two items from 2 Red Hens Studio.  Except for the book reviews I've done, this is the first time anyone has offered me free product to review.  So I had no idea that I was allowed to pick my own item!  And I didn't want to be greedy.  I mentioned I liked the Coop Carry-All Bag or the Mama's Makeup Bag.  Lucky me, they sent me both!  Of course I forgot to specify the colour, but I love the Grey Damask they sent.  Now, on to the reviews!

Ok, as a diaper bag, this bag is huge!  I'm not a big-bag type of person.  Even my diaper bag, when I used one, was just a tote bag, and I downsized to a purse as soon as possible.  That said, the bag isn't bulky.  It is fairly narrow, only about 5 or 6 inches deep.

I loaded up the bag and used it as a purse/diaper bag over the past week in order to give a well-rounded review.  It was easy to carry, not sitting too high or dangling too low.  If I were to use it as a diaper bag, I'd want to add a cross-body shoulder strap too it.  There's nothing worse than loading up with baby paraphernalia (plus baby!), trudging halfway to your destination only to have your bag slip off your shoulder.  With the d-ring strap attachments, and removable straps, switching to a cross-body strap would be so easy.  It just would be nice if the bag came with one.  I suppose one could unhook one side of each of the existing straps and clip them together to make one long strap, but my guess is it wouldn't be very comfortable.  The website calls them "convertible stroller straps".

The bag, being a diaper bag, comes with a cute extra-long changing mat.  Now, a changing mat is a changing mat, and there isn't room for much innovation.  But this particular one has a button and elastic closure to keep it needly folded.  The mat I used for my kids was forever coming unfolded in my bag and when I pulled it out one-handed I'd often dump out a bunch of other things too.  That won't be a problem with this one.  Not only does it have the button, but it also has its own pocket on the outside of the bag to make the mat easy to grab.

Now that I've treated the bag as a diaper bag, I'll address the reason I chose it.  I needed a cute overnight bag (for which I don't want a cross-body shoulder strap).  Until now I've been using a dollar-store tote bag (which shall now be demoted to beach bag) or a mini-suitcase (which was often too small).  I haven't yet had a chance to use it as an overnight bag, but I'm looking forward to it.

Oh my word, this bag is full of pockets!  I've never seen this many pockets in a diaper bag before  My full-size water bottle fits in the bottle holders (although it does stick out the zipper), and the bag is big enough to fit my laptop, which means I can also use it for those rare (oh-so-rare) occasions that I work away from the house.

Oh boy.  This is going to be a long post.

As for the makeup bag, the very best thing about it is that it stands up on it's own.  Gone are the days of accidentally dumping my makeup into the sink or the garbage can.  The size is good too, although it is a little tall.  This makes it a little harder for me to quickly choose which eye-shadow I need.  That may just be because I have five colours of the same brand.  Maybe I should downsize a little.

Both bags are very well made.  The seams are strong, and there are no loose threads.  The fabric is durable and wipe-able   A couple of friends did mention that they'd like it better if the diaper bag could be thrown in the washing machine.


Rooster Diaper Bag
in Grey Damask

2 Red Hens has offered a Rooster Diaper Bag as a giveaway on To a Pretty Life.  The Rooster bag is smaller than the Coop, and great for every day carting around once you don't need to carry the 12 outfit changes and 15 diapers required by a newborn.

Product Details:

  • Interior zipper pocket, bottle holder, and 2 elastic pockets
  • Convertible stroller straps
  • Attached key fob
  • Magnetic snap and button closure for easy access
  • Choose from five vintage-inspired patterns:  
    • Peacock Mum, Owl Dots, Grey Damask, Pink Lemonade, and Chevron Stripes
  • Extra-long polka dot changing pad included

Enter below for your chance to win!

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Disclaimer:  While 2 Red Hens Studio did provide me with free product to review, I have received no other compensation for this post.  All opinions stated are my own.  All images are my own except for the Rooster Diaper Bag.


  1. Those are super cute for diaper bags! While I'm not quite ready for my own diaper bag yet, I have a few friends who would love the Grey Damask. Beautiful.


    1. Also, specifically to the question listed, I carry a wristlet most of the time, or a big canvas Trader Joe's grocery bag. I can't seem to find a happy medium as I either want nothing with me, or everything!

  2. With 2 kids I've moved up to the "Big" purse!

  3. I carry a mid-sized purse. I tend to lose things in purses that are too big and the size of my smartphone doesn't allow me to carry a wristlet or clutch :)

  4. I like a tiny crossbody - I have a black fossil one with hardware for me to clip my keys onto the outside since the inside is only big enough for my wallet and phone. Sometimes I have to bring a diaper bag - I have a skip hop studio bag but it gets bulky and I leave it home most days.

    1. I'm thinking about switching to a small cross-body for every day city outings. My kids are big enough to carry their own stuff now ;-)

  5. My bags are in the middle. I've used Skip Hops and they work for me. I'd love to have something as feminine as this Rooster bag! So different than what I normally use! Love it!

  6. I currently use a large diaper bag but am looking to swtich to a smaller diaper bage. My son is 6 months old and my current bag is too big for what I need for his stuff.

    1. 6 months seems to be the magic age where babies start needing less stuff. Although that's also when you have to start carrying food around ;-)

  7. My fingers are crossed! Toes too!

  8. I currently use a big diaper bag with lots of pockets but it would be nice to down size

  9. I currently use a large diaper bag, but I'm very ready to downsize to a mid-size bag to carry just the essentials for my toddlers. That is at least until my fourth baby arrives in the fall.

  10. I currently use a large diaper bag, but I'm very ready to downsize to a mid-size bag to carry just the essentials for my toddlers. That is at least until my fourth baby arrives in the fall.

  11. I tend to always use a large bag which then gets heavy and overstuffed. This tote is perfect. Thank you so much.

  12. I tend to always use a large bag which then gets heavy and overstuffed. This tote is perfect. Thank you so much.

  13. I carry a small/medium purse, but I'm not carrying around kid stuff yet!

  14. A medium size purse for me


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