Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Do Something! - Week One Update

First things first: The winner of the 2 Red Hens Studio Rooster Bag is...

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I started my day yesterday with grand plans.  I was going to bake some bread, shine my sink a la FlyLady, get all the laundry done, and have supper ready for my husband and kids before I had to the leave the house for a meeting.  My mother-in-law is coming to visit this weekend, and I wanted to be On The Ball for once.  And I wanted to make up for being rather unproductive last week.

I got things going the night before, choosing a delicious overnight-rising bread recipe and mixing everything together for two loaves.  First thing in the morning, after getting my 5-year-old sent off to kindergarten, I gathered all the laundry, sorted it, and filled up the sink to soak with hot water and bleach.  Everything was going well.  The kids were even playing nicely, and when I decided my niece needed a quick morning nap she went to sleep with no problem, giving me an opportunity for a shower before kindergarten pick up time.

The trouble started when we got back to the house.  I have no idea why, but I was cranky (ok, so I have an idea...the reason happens about once a month).  I got the kids some lunch and turned on the oven to preheat for the bread.  I then forgot about it, knowing the oven would beep once it was heated.  An hour or so later, after the kids were all finally napping, I happened to glance over at the oven.  The preheat light was still on.  And the loaves of bread had risen and were starting to fall over.  I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out what the problem was, while worrying about what I was going to do with all this now-useless bread dough.  Turns out I think the bake element is broken.  The broil element still worked so I attempted baking one of the loaves on low broil, turning it upside down once the top was starting to brown a little too much.  It worked sort of.  The other loaf was too far gone and I made no attempt to save it.

So that was my messed up day.  Still, I managed to finish shining my sink!  It looked beautiful.  For about 5 minutes.  I think sink shining is best done at the end of the day so you can wake up to a fresh clean kitchen.

One of the few productive things I did last week was making homemade from scratch chicken noodle soup.  This is probably the third time I've attempted it in my life and the only time it was successful.  The kids ate it with absolutely no complaining.  It was so good!  In fact, I want to buy another rotisserie chicken to make it again this week.

I let my daughter make the garlic biscuits.  She was so proud of herself.  Biscuits are a great learn-to-bake recipe.  I promised my son that he gets to help next time.

What have you been doing this month?  Are you feeling productive?  Anyone know if Lowes sells oven elements?  I'd rather go there than have to find an appliance repair store.

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  1. I love shining my sink a la Flylady too - but you're right, it only lasts for 5 minutes.
    Hope you have a better day today.


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