Tuesday, 30 April 2013

First Spring Harvest

There is fresh snow on the ground, and the wind feels like ice.  Yet today, I harvested from my garden.  the chives were about 2 to 4 inches long, and just right to add to the chicken soup I have simmering on the stove.  As I dashed outside to cut these, I noticed my garlic chives are coming up too.

Last year, I was not a very good gardener.  I didn't weed nearly as much as I should have, and several of my flower beds went wild.  One is nearly full of grass among clumps of clay, and another has been overtaken by wild snapdragons.  I'm determined to get them under control this year!  If only the weather would let me spend more time outside.  Warmer days are coming soon.  I don't have major plans to add things to the garden, but I've compiled a list of things I'd like to do this year.

  1. Take care of the front yard grass (to reduce weeds, etc).  It was downright disgraceful at times last year.
  2. Completely plant and mulch the island bed in the front yard.  I'm sure any accomplished gardeners in the neighbourhood take one look at it and know that I have no clue what I'm doing.  That's the one with the snapdragons.
  3. Dig out the grass in the backyard bed, and add landscape fabric and mulch around the shrubs, hostas, feather grass, and lilies that currently inhabit it.
  4. Plant another blueberry bush if necessary (I've been told that if I only have one, it won't make fruit...is that true?)
  5. Replant annual herbs and tomatoes.
  6. Dig out dead lilacs that have never flowered anyway.  Maybe plant something else in that corner.
  7. Weed and mulch rose garden (I call it a rose garden, but really, it's just three rose bushes in a little half-moon-shaped bed.)
This year I get to help my husband's grandma with her planting.  She has an amazing garden.  Perhaps I'll learn some things from her.

What's on your outdoor to-do list this year?

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  1. Oh I am sure you will learn some great tips from Grandma. Good luck on the list we have Chives now too. B


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