Monday, 8 April 2013

I'm in Love with White Walls

In spite of my initial fears, I'm discovering that everything looks good against white walls.  I finally got around to painting our stairwell, complete with it's 16-foot ceiling.  I managed it with a combination of a roller extension and a ladder.  And choosing wall paint the same colour as the ceiling helped too.  If a 12-foot-tall person were to visit my house and inspect that upper corner, I'm sure it looks awful. But from way down here at my not-quite-5-foot-4-inch height, it looks great.

I looked through my collection of wall stuff and removed everything with black frames.  I wanted a warmer look for this particular gallery wall.  The black frames will go in our bedroom if I ever get around to painting the walls in there.  The remaining mix is a bit ecclectic, containing:

  • two of our engagement photos, 
  • two mirrors (the pine-framed one was from my parents' wedding in 1979), 
  • one painting done by me, 
  • one painting that we paid way too much for at Home Sense, 
  • a sepia-toned sailboat photo that we found at a garage sale,
  • a tiny print of old buildings along a canal, 
  • a wooden plaque that I made during the first year of our marriage: Est. August 10, 2002.
  • a large antique frame, 
  • and two other empty wooden frames that I rescued from a neighbour who was going to throw them out.  Even at age 15 I knew they were worth saving.

What do you think of white walls? (PS: there are only a few more hours to enter the 2 Red Hens Rooster Bag giveaway!)

Three Mango Seeds


  1. The frame between your engagement photos should have a lovey sephia toned saying in it... ;)

  2. That gallery looks amazing!!! {And I love your blog photography, too!}

  3. I like white walls, too... or off white. My husband wants me to paint the livingroom a dark color, but I downright refuse. It's easier to scratch (and I have a 5yo boy), it's harder to make the lines at the ceiling perfectly straight, it darkens the whole room, and I think cream would just be a much better match. But that's me! I still need to paint it..


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