Sunday, 28 April 2013


Last night. Driving on the highway with my daughter in the back seat.  Suddenly, I had a hard time keeping the van from swerving.  At first I thought it was the strong winds we'd been having that day (that flipped over a semi on another highway).  But then the "tire reset" warning turned on (which is a common occurrence for our van since the tire pressure fluctuates with the weather).  I pulled over, thinking I could pump up the tires and/or call my husband, who was also driving home from the same place at the same time.

Turns out, I did not have my cell phone.  And I did not have the air pump (plugs into the anti-damsel-in-distress invention ever!)  And a thunderstorm had been threatening all evening.  Before I could even realise the extent of my plight, my knight in shining armour (aka, husband in a dusty Dodge) pulled up behind me.  With the air pump.

Lucky me.  TWO tires were flat.


  1. So scary! I'm glad your hubby was close by. I think that kind of timing is Providential. :)

  2. Two flat tires?? Well I'm sure you just at the most amazing dessert ever to keep you calm and happy until your husband miraculously arrived ;)

  3. Woh, that was close. Good thing hubby was close behind you.


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