Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What I Wore...a Tablecloth?

One of my sweet friends gave me a pretty lacy shirt for my birthday.  It has bat-wing sleeves, and pretty edging, and is just adorable.  I put it on and my husband (whose style is classic and unchanging) asked, "What are you wearing, a tablecloth?"  Personally, I love how it looks on me, especially with the pretty mint-toned jewelry that my family picked out for me.

Shirt: farmers market
Tank: thrift store
Olive skinny jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Aldo
Jewelry: Target
Also sort of visible: The garden that will soon be getting a makeover,
and my new blue mini-van to replace the rear-ended grey one.
Shades of green I'm wearing: Olive, Kelly, Mint, Pear, Lime, and Teal.  No Emerald though...I'm not that cool.
Oh boy, I'm in need of some lipstick.

pleated poppy

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