Friday, 7 June 2013

My Little Garden on a Budget

I spent the past week visiting garden centres and greenhouses.  I was impatient to implement Heather's lovely design for my garden, but I also didn't want to spent a lot of money.  So I was looking for the best price for each plant.  I got the forget-me-nots free from my husband's grandma, and I had two Stella de Oro daylilies already.  I followed the plan for the most part, with two exceptions. I only bought one PeeGee hydrangea, because I'm cheap, and I figured I could sacrifice a little fullness today because in a couple years it will be bigger.  The other exception was buying white campanula instead of blue.  I fully intended to get blue, but at the last minute I fell for the crispness of the white.

I bought each plant at the cheapest place I could find it.

  • Pee Gee Hydrangea: Superstore, $15.99.  The next cheapest price was $29.99 for the same size.
  • Stella de Oro Daylilies: Walmart, $6.95 (They only had one), and Lowes, $8:95 (it was big, and I was able to divide it into two plants)
  • White Coneflowers: Lowes, $4.98 each
  • Campanula: Rona, $2.49 each
Of course, if I had bought the plants at actual nurseries, I would have likely gotten bigger and/or healthier plants.  But these all seem to be happy with their new home.  Except the forget-me-nots.  They're still sulking.

I am so pleased with my newly-pretty front yard!  I'm eagerly awaiting the blooms, and I'm much more motivated to keep the weeds at bay now.  If only our grass wasn't so brown and patchy and weedy.

I moved most of the delphiniums I had in the island bed to my tiny rose garden.  They are quite happy.  The other delphinium that I put somewhere else is definitely NOT happy.  I hope it survives.

See the sulky delphinium (below, under the meter-thing)?  My shrubs here look awful.  The diablo ninebark still hasn't forgiven me for my reckless transplant two years ago.

I finally planted a lilac under my kitchen window where I've wanted one since we moved in.  The variety is Miss Canada.  It's little, but I'm hoping it grows well.

My simple porch is my favourite spot to sit in the morning.

Last year I tried to transplant my bachelor's buttons.  They politely disagreed.  While thriving in their new location, they also came back in full force at the old location.  I surrender!

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