Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Descriptions (Or, How I Pay Attention in Church)

July 1, 2013

Hot. Sticky. Body heat times 200. Two hundred people sit and melt in a barn-style camp chapel. Super-heated western sunshine slants through windows too few and too small. An occasional inadequate breeze wafts in the thrown-wide doors. Hot children wiggle and hot parents shush, and I envy the latecomers sitting outside in the shade, within reach of evening breezes off the lake.

I breathe in, trying to pull some coolness into my lungs. No luck. The air hasn't cooled but carries scents of fruity chewing gum and dusty pine walls. I sip cool water from my water bottle, the ice long since melted but leaving behind enough cold to soothe my parched throat. Head pounding from the heat, I listen anyway to the Reverend's authoritative voice.

Finally! A breeze! Coming from seemingly nowhere and everywhere, it cools me for a second. Just a second, but it is heavenly.

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