Friday, 2 August 2013

Eradicating a Wasted Space

One of the most frustrating things about this house is the inefficiencies in the kitchen.  And the rest of the house too, but mostly the kitchen, since that is where I spend most of my waking hours (I'm even typing this in the kitchen right now).

Our lower cupboards have always irked me.  The one shelf only comes out half-way!  So even though there is lots of space, the cupboard doesn't really store much at all.  Well, in my pot cupboard, I solved that problem.

Before:  Mostly organised, but storing a lot of dead air.

After: No more dead space!  I used 1.5-inch cup hooks, after reinforcing the space with some handy plywood (tucked into some perfectly-sized gaps and nailed in place). The plywood was left over from my other wasted space project.

I'm not 100% sure that I like it because it does make it a bit more difficult to get my frying pan out...or at least much noisier.  I use my frying pan nearly every day, it seems.  But I think with some organisation, I should be able to fix that.  And maybe even finally have a place to put my pretty blue cast-iron stock pot.

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