Friday, 16 August 2013


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My writing binder and constant companion.
 I've meant to post.  I've even started posts.  I've had good ideas to write about.  But something is missing.

I've meant to write.  I've finished a story and an article, and I have a good start on my first column (on spec, but still quite a triumph for me.)  But I can't figure out what story I want to grab hold of and run with.  I am, at heart, a fiction writer.  Or at least a fiction-story-dreamer-upper.  I have movies constantly running in my head of stories, possibilities, what-ifs.  It explains my klutziness and forgetfulness at least.  But I want to write a story, to finish a novel, and I want to be passionate about it.  But which one?

These are my already-begun options:
- Medieval mercenary historical, England in the 1300s (The Magpie, or something like that) - Requires the most research (and began from a character sketch that was directly inspired by Sigmund Brouwer's Winds of Light series that I read and re-read as a teen.)
- Regency romance (Beatrix and the Inventor...sigh...!)
- Contemporary Romantic suspense (Disappear, or something like that. I never think seriously about titles until something is finished.) - Set mostly in Australia, which might be a problem for me since it's been 20 years since I was there.  I may need to beg my Australian cousins for help after I finish the first draft!
Or perhaps it would be better to start fresh with something else entirely (I have a couple of ideas brewing).

young writer course sigmund brouwer hero writing fan-girl
When I was 13, I attended a workshop taught by my hero
I attended a writers group meeting, at which Sigmund Brouwer (my childhood writing hero!) spoke and answered questions.  I managed to refrain from gushing like a fan-girl, and instead studiously listened and took notes.  Five pages of notes.  But pretty much everything he said boiled down to stories.  Stories are what readers read for.  Stories are what I lived for when I was scribbling dialogue and family trees on reams of loose-leaf paper and carrying my huge 3-inch-thick writing binder with me everywhere I went.  Stories are what captivated me.

Because "every great story makes you feel something" (Brouwer).  I want to write great stories.  What do I want my readers to feel?  What do you want to feel?

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