Thursday, 26 September 2013

An Attempt at Bohemian...whatever that is. (What I Wore)

I dressed out of my comfort zone on Sunday.  First, I wore a long skirt for the first time in...oh, about eight years (except for a pink bridesmaid's dress, and one awful eighties-inspired halloween costume).  Being raised among conservative homeschoolers who thought a prairie-style jumper was the height of fashion, I can't help but feel homeschooled and/or frumpy when I wear something long.  Ridiculous, I know!  A couple of years ago, I really wanted a chevron-striped maxi-skirt from the Gap, but aside from the price, I passed it by simply because I was afraid to look frumpy.

On Saturday we went shopping at Value Village, and this skirt was the only thing that caught my eye amid all the other mid-to-late-90s skirts that I probably owned at one time.

Second, I wore it at my natural waist.  I have a kind of short torso, so I've always felt it necessary to cheat and wear longer shirts or lower waistlines.  But when I was putting this outfit on, I somehow liked the tucked-in look better, especially with the subtle black belt instead of the wide hip-slung brown belt I intended to wear.  At church I felt a little uncomfortable next to the classy professional-looking church dresses  worn by those around me.  But not nearly as much as I would have even a couple of years ago.  As weird as it seems to my husband to post pictures of myself in every new outfit, these "What I Wore" posts have really boosted my confidence.

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Esprit via Value Village
Shoes: Aldo (I love real leather!)
Belt: H&M
Earrings and beaded bracelets: Gift from a friend
Metal circle bracelet: From a going-out-of-business boutique in Merrickville, ON.
Photos by my long-suffering but skeptical husband, who likes to be creative with the camera angle.

The 4-year-old model is wearing clothes from the Gap (thanks to a Christmas gift card) and refused to look at the camera, making this shot look like something out of the Sears Catalog.

The long-suffering and skeptical man himself.  This photo was taken by the 4-year-old.

pleated poppy

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