Monday, 9 September 2013

Bootcamp: The day I didn't die (though I was sure I would)

Before bootcamp...freaking out
I've made no secret of the fact that I can't run. Other moms who didn't follow the common postpartum exercise recommendation will know exactly the reason why. This reason (or excuse) was proven valid every single time I have tried to run in the past four years. 

Except for a one year off-and-on run of doing the Game On! Diet and aquasize with friends, I've become more and more of a couch potato since my now-4-year-old was born. It has gotten to the point that I can't, in spite of good intentions each morning, make myself do any kind of exercise. Not even yoga or tabatas, which I enjoy. 

So when my husband told me that he wanted to sign up for a boot camp class held in our neighbourhood, I begged him to sign me up too.  Of course we can't be in the same class without having to find a babysitter every single week, so I'm in the Monday class, and he goes on Thursday. I am both social and competitive, so I exercise best in a class. 

I had my first class tonight. Naively, I wasn't expecting to have to run.  But of course it was the first thing we did!  I picked someone randomly to keep pace with...who ended up being the slowest person, so it was lucky for me that I picked him. Usually, my competitive nature puts me right in the middle of the pack and I use all my energy too soon. 

Actually, suppressing my competitive side was the hardest non-physical. thing of the class.  I HATED being the last one to finish the sprinting. I HATED not being able to do all the push ups (my arms felt like they would splinter into a million pieces if I did even one more. And there was no way I was going to do girly push-ups!) 

But afterward, although unsure whether any of my limbs would even hold my weight, I feel wonderful. I know that I will be hyperbolically complaining about sore muscles for the rest of the week (or more likely, for the next eleven weeks), but right now, I am amazed at what I just did. 

I ran!!! Without that particular issue I was worried about causing any embarrassment. In fact, it didn't happen at all.  I did burpees!  Slowly, but I did them. I did full squats!  With no pain from my crooked kneecaps. I did more push-ups in one day than I have ever done before., in spite of not finishing. About 50, I think. I'll just ignore the fact that for the last few sets, I was only moving about an inch. 

After Bootcamp...weak, but exhilarated.

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