Friday, 11 October 2013

Day 11: Give Me a Break

(Ok, so I just actually typed "Give Me a Beak"...time for bed, I think!)

Sometimes, no matter how careful I am not to become stressed out and overwhelmed, I still just need a break.  So that's what we did today.  No editing, no cleaning (ok, very little cleaning...I did sweep and wash a few dishes), just fun.  I can get so caught up in balancing my little bubble of suburban life that I can forget that there is anything outside of it.  And it does my brain good to get away.

First up: a fun meeting.  Technically it was work-related, but it was work to get excited about and a lovely visit with a fellow editor.  Our boys had a great time playing together too.

Next, we drove out to a corn maze to meet some friends and family.  N is just old enough to understand the point of going there, and thought it was his job to tell us which way to go.  After he helped us get lost, we gave that job to the grown-up men.

Finally, I headed out in the evening to meet Julie of Papercastle to get some photos done.  I've been wanting some professional photos for a while, and I knew Julie could capture the look I wanted (even though I wasn't sure exactly what that was.)  We'd intended to do the shoot in the spring, but things were a bit crazy.  So we decided to squeeze it in before this mild fall weather gives way to snow.  Contrary to my normal tendencies, I did not agonize for days about what to wear!  I just picked something that fit three criteria: 1, it had to let me wear my boots; 2, it had to require minimal fussing to look good; 3, It had to make me look skinny-ish.

So I chose a black lace dress, black leggings, pink cardigan, my hipster scarf, and my jean jacket.  And boots...those boots are very important!  I also chose to wear my glasses.  My turquoise glasses seem like part of my face, since I hardly ever wear contacts.  I don't look like myself without them

Since we're good friends and hadn't gotten together in a while, we went out for dinner, bookstore browsing, and dessert after.  A perfect girls' night.

And I'm ready to dive right into work tomorrow.

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