Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day 3: A Stressless, Guiltless Day

And makeup-less, incidentally.
Ooh, I had a great day!  My son spent the day at my friend's house, and I stayed home to work.  I had a few time-wasting slip-ups, but quickly got myself back on track.  Using a productivity timer app on my iPod, I managed to keep on task, and got a decent amount of editing done.

Get this: I even managed to make it out of the house to Starbucks.  Alone!  It was great, and my coffee was free (thanks to yet another did we live before they were invented?)  Once back at home, with my half-hour break over, I was back to work.

This is the kind of day I've dreamed about ever since I decided I wanted to work at home.  No stress or guilt, tasks were completed, the house was sort of clean (cleaner than it usually is anyway), and I didn't feel deprived of  anything.  That part is most important.  Deprivation makes me rebel.

When it was almost time to go get the kids from school (my daughter, and my friend's two kids), I took a moment to think, "Ok, what do I need to accomplish after school."  And I made a list:

- Spelling practice (with my daughter)
- Home reading (daughter)
- Printing practice (with my son)
- Put away the dishes
- Put away the laundry
- Vacuume
- Make supper
- Lightly clean the bathrooms.

The list was, I thought, a little ambitious, but I figured I'd put it all on to keep myself moving between school and supper.  After school, I decided to accept my friend's invitation to stay for tea, so that took an hour and a half of my time...certainly well worth it though.  And she was gracious enough not to show any boredom as I chattered on and on and on about editing.  Even with that interruption, I still only missed two things...and replaced them with sweeping the kitchen and bathing the kids.

So, you may be wondering what I did to have such a terrific day.  I've been thinking about that.  Here are my answers.

  1. I got out of bed early.  6:20 AM, when my norm since school started has been about 6:45 or so.  When I don't get up enough before the kids, I don't have any time to consider the day drink some tea, and just have quiet.  My kids start their non-stop talking as soon as the hit the kitchen.
  2. I did not plan out my entire day.  Instead, I planned a segment at a time.  I decided I would work on FellowScript columns in the morning.  Once back from my coffee break, I then dove in to the book I'm editing (I be thinkin' in Irish again, an' me brain is a bit overloaded).

Without those two things, I think I would have been my typical before-school self: cranky, rushed, impatient, stressed, and guilty that I couldn't manage things better.

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