Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 6: Brain Power

My brain won't shut off.  I feel like I hardly slept last night due to the thoughts, plans, and ideas racing through my head.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe it's that I spent nearly all day yesterday editing.  Maybe it's the excitement of new ideas for the magazine I work for.  Maybe it is the inspiration of my mostly-productive week.  Maybe my brain is waking up and realizing that I actually want to do something with it after four years or so of not challenging it.

In spite of coming from a family deservedly proud of its collective intellect, I haven't felt very smart lately.  Instead of excelling at life (like I did in my highschool English classes), I've been scraping by (just like my highschool math classes).  Not from lack of ability, but rather from lack of motivation and dedication.

After my son was born, I decided that I needed to re-prioritize my life.  As much as I loved making things, I pared down my creative activities. This was yet another attempt to achieve balance in my life.  I knew I wanted to write again, and had to make time for it somewhere.  So I cut out what I could.  My artistic sister-in-law benefited, since I gave her my entire stash of scrap-booking and stamping supplies.

The trouble is, after doing so, for one reason or another I did not get back into writing as much as I wanted to.  My creative energy had nowhere to go, and I suppose it decided to shut down, except for short bursts here and there when I found new obsessions.

I hope my brain energy also translates into physical energy today, or I'm going to be in desperate need of a nap this afternoon.

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