Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Day 7: Procrastination

There is something I am really, really good at.  In fact, I could probably teach a class on it.  If I did, one of my lessons would be: "How to procrastinate productively."  Did you know you can still be productive while you avoid the things you really should be doing?

Things I should have done yesterday:
Take out the garbage
Polish bathrooms 2 & 3
Write this post
Edit a devotional
Edit my daily quota of pages
Things I did yesterday:
Polished bathroom 1
Baked cookies!
Wasted a little time on the internet (not as much as I could have)
Cleaned and vacuumed both kids' bedrooms
Walked to pick up the kids from school
Helped with kids' schoolwork
Overall, it wasn't that bad of a day.  I did get some of my cleaning done.  Yay!.  But instead of doing what I really needed to do, I chose to do things that didn't further my goals or help me balance my life.  Which messes with today's schedule.

Yes, baking cookies for my family is great!  But it would have been better if I had done my editing, to avoid the stress of being behind schedule.  And my husband says the gingersnaps should have chocolate chips.  Have you ever heard of that?  I might have to try that next time (AFTER my stuff for the day is done!)

Yes, walking to school is great, and I'm glad I went because the kids had so much fun picking wild flowers and weeds and rocks as we crossed the vacant lots.  But I should have made sure I had things done before taking that time.

It's all about balance.  There is nothing wrong with doing these great, fun, things.  But as I learned from reading my husband's old copy of Seven Habits of Successful Teens, "First Things First"!  Or, as I recently read in Eat That Frog, "Eat the biggest, ugliest frog first" (as in, do the least appealing task first).

So, when my list of essentials is done I can take time to do things like baking, refinishing the kitchen table, or sewing a red riding hood cape for halloween.

Do you procrastinate?  Do you try to fool yourself into feeling productive by doing non-essential things at the wrong time?

Ta ta!  I'm off to get a start on that editing I skipped before the kids wake up.  Day 8's post is coming later today. if I don't procrastinate again.

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