Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Day 8: Me Time

Every one of my friends, upon hearing of my plan to dedicate one weekday to a specific task, ask, "But when do you take time for yourself?"

That's a good question!  Where in my schedule (Monday-Cleaning, Tuesday-Errands, Wednesday-Work, Thursday-Fun, Friday-Projects) is the time for me to relax, unwind, and schedule something for myself?

Well, my problem for the past couple of years has been too much time for myself.  But it wasn't relaxing in the least, even when I fooled myself into thinking it was.  How can I relax when I'm full of guilt for not fulfilling my responsibilities?  Sure, my kids were fed and clothed and taught, and the house wasn't quite festering, and my friends all told me I was being too hard on myself and I was doing fine.  But the problem was that I knew exactly how much time I was wasting.  I didn't need any computer software to tell me that.

So my "me time" has been put on the back burner for now.  I'm taking my plan to balance my life one step at a time to prevent my typical rebellion against deprivation.  That said, there are times in my schedule that definitely nurture my spirit and could be called "relaxing."

On Tuesday mornings, I attend a moms support group.  It is not the typical "playdate" group.  The main focus is mothers of preschoolers supporting each other.  The fact that the kids get to play and have fun too is incidental.  Today also included lunch at Ikea with a friend, and on Friday I'll have a girls night out for dinner.

And editing, when I get in the groove, is wildly fun for me.  I could happily edit for hours, so my biweekly work day is great.

Then there's my bootcamp class, which is so much fun, even though my back today feels like I went on some crazy amusement park ride thanks to a certain "reverse plank" activity.

Even though I don't regularly carve out time for, say, a long bath, or something like that, I am still feeling fulfilled.  The time I do get is sweeter when I know I've done my best that day.

What does "me time" look like for you?

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