Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day 9: Obsessed, Again.

Uh oh.  I am fully in the throes of another obsession.  The good news is, the obsession is editing!  Specifically, the magazine.  Although the book editing is going well too.  And I'm working out the business side of freelancing, thanks to two books I ordered.  The problem is, I'm neglecting other things.  Today I wrote on my to-do list, "book furnace cleaning", and "sell dresses."  And I did neither.  Nor did I do any of my basic housekeeping, except for taking 10 minutes to clear the counters.

Overall, the day was not bad.  But I still need to figure out how to actually DO the things I write on my list!  I can make a great list.  And then completely forget to look at it all day.

Instead, all my brain power is being sucked into my obsession.  I know such focus is a good thing...but how can I moderate it a little and not neglect everything else?

Lucky for my family, I did not forget to do school pick up or cook supper.  In fact, I had the meatloaf made and in the fridge by 3:30 just waiting to be baked.  And the entire family liked it.  That is a miracle.

I think I really need some help with this.  I'm off to google things like "self motivation", "life balance", and "how not to be a flake."  Feel free to post links to anything that might be helpful, or your own tips and stories in the comments.

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